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Get to Know Us Better - Facts About Light

To better understand how we offer exceptionally better lighting products, it helps to get to know us better - more specifically, how deeply we understand lighting and the nature of light itself.  This understanding goes into the design of every circuit and lighting system we offer.  We hope you'll take 50 minutes and watch Tullio Dellaquila's talk at MACNA 2017 and other informative videos below.  In his talks, he doesn't promote one manufacturer over another, nor does he promote one lighting type over another.  This is simply the level to which he understands the nature of light itself, how it interacts with photosynthetic organisms (like plants and coral), and what level of knowledge he brings into the design and engineering process.

MACNA 2017 - The Facts Of Light
MACNA 2018 - Lights

Videos demonstrating the reflector design and efficiency of light energy dispersal across the lighted area, please check out these comparative videos produced by Bulk Reef Supply.  The only difference between the reef lighting and the Nature's Lyte offerings are the light spectrums  Reflector and energy radiation patterns are identical.  These are a total of 20 minutes of exceptional performance comparison.

LumiLite Pro Comparison
LumiLite XHO Comparison

While these videos were done for the aquarium industry, keep in mind that we apply the same scientific understanding about the nature of light to all photosynthetic organisms, including plants and animals.